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The best alternative to google adsense 2021 for blogger and for wordpress



The alternative to google adsense for blogger and for wordpress 

the best alternative google adsense 2021 When you plan to open a website blog, the first thing you think about is how to diversify different sources of income when making money online. And the answer is all about creating ads on your website.

Google AdSense is one of the main advertising platform providers for many website owners like you, which can maximize your revenue and income. This is because the platform provides an excellent way for publishers to earn income through advertising links or banners on their posts or pages.

However, the disadvantage of Google AdSense lies in the limitations of different types of ad formats, and you cannot find other types of ads, such as text ads. Moreover, another problem is that it is difficult to get approved by Google AdSense to monetize your blog or website. Google AdSense will implement all the necessary conditions according to its advertising policy plan. It will take some time for publishers to monetize their content.

The best alternative to google adsense 2021 for blogger and for wordpress

The best alternative google adsense 2021

I will introduce best Google AdSense alternatives for making money online in 2021. And, based on my own experience, I will provide you with the best, accurate, and honest feedback on these platforms, so that you can clearly understand the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, and be able to make recommendations for the best alternative google adsense 2022.

Alternative to google adsense for blogger Ezoic 2021

In addition to Google AdSense, Ezoic is another excellent advertising platform that can provide solutions for website monetization. Note that it is an official partner of Google AdSense, and you can easily change to use Ezoic with a single click of your Google account. Then, Google will send you a confirmation email informing you that you want to change to Ezoic.

google adsense alternatives For blogging beginners, Ezoic is another great way to maximize revenue and increase website speed, which is crucial for your website ranking on Google. Our users can refer to this information to create an account and start making money immediately.

Ezoic has been rated as one of the best advertising solutions for monetizing blogs by more than 60,000 customers and publishers. The important thing is that the company has a wider range of brands, companies, and different types of industries, so you don’t have to worry about matching the right brand and company with the content of your website.

The best alternative to google adsense 2021 for blogger and for wordpress
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Google adsense alternative site Infolinks 2021

google adsense alternative site , Infolinks is by far the best text advertising platform on the market because it provides a good choice to design and choose the type of advertising that best suits your needs. In particular, it has a variety of advertising types, such as text ads (direct attachments and links to key words in articles), frame ads and banner ads.

The platform has demonstrated its market share in almost every corner of the world, with more than 130,000 active users in the region, including publishers and customers in 130 countries/regions. Infolinks provides an advertisement-friendly service, which means that the company's advertisements are designed according to industry guidelines and conventions. Moreover, it complies with all Google Code of Conduct and standards.
google adsense best alternative , The advantage of Infolinks is that you can choose to run Infolinks Ads with other advertising platforms. This is completely safe because Google is happy to let bloggers run Infolinksads and other blogs at the same time.

Google adsense best alternative Propellerads 2021

The top alternative to Google adsense PropellerAds, the advertising platform is so popular around the world because it provides publishers with additional revenue and revenue. In particular, you will have a series of available advertising options and activities, such as push ads, pop-up links, banners, to ensure that you can maximize your website revenue through them.

In particular, Propeller will constantly check its platform to ensure that there are no spam-looking advertisements on your blog and website, and if so, they will immediately delete those spam advertisements on their website.
If you find ads that are unrelated to your website, you can report them first and tell them to solve the problem, just in case you don’t like your website.

The best alternative to google adsense 2021
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Google adsense alternatives for wordpress Propellerads 

best alternative google adsense 2021 Another benefit of using Propeller is that it provides a plugin called PropellerAds, which is compatible with your WordPress platform. Therefore, you don't need to spend too much time setting up Propeller ads on your website, but just download Propeller's plugin on WordPress, which will manage and process all the advertising options from your website.

adsense alternatives for wordpress , As far as advertising formats are concerned, I personally always choose "page push and push notifications" because they are super user-friendly and comply with all the rules of the Google search engine. However, there is no right or wrong answer, because you are free to choose the ad format that best suits your blog and personal needs.

The good thing about Propeller is that you can choose to run Propeller Ads with other advertising platforms. This is completely safe because Google allows blogs to run Propellerads and other advertising platforms at the same time. Therefore, it is one of the best Adsense alternative products in the advertising market is the best google adsense alternatives for wordpress.

Best alternative google adsense 2021 Amazon Associate Program

The last thing to mention is the Amazon Associate program. I think everyone must know the scale of Amazon. It is also Google’s main competitor in the technical field. Over the years, Amazon has attracted millions of publishers and marketers worldwide as partners.

Best alternative google adsense 2021 Amazon, if you do not sign a partner program with Amazon, it will be a mistake, because it provides a considerable commission and income for your blog. Even on my website, I have an affiliate partner program with them.

Unlike other traditional advertising platforms, Amazon provides a monetization plan for your website by replacing affiliate links on your content instead of placing ads directly on your website. For example, if you view a book or a specific product in a post, and then a reader or user clicks to buy these products, then you will get a commission from the sale.

Another great benefit of working with Amazon is that the company has a global business and a huge range of products and services. By allowing visitors to click on the link to purchase, you can easily provide the most popular products on the site best alternative of google adsense in india and best alternative of google adsense in pakistan And in the world 2021 start affiliate marketing with Amazon Affiliate Program is the best In terms of commission.

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