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The secret of Bitcoin rise and its bitcoin prediction 2021


Bitcoin prediction 2021

This is a happy day for cryptocurrency investors, because the price of Bitcoin has exceeded $42,000, which is the first currency record to exceed it. According to data compiled by Bloomberg.

bitcoin expectation As of Saturday, Paris time, the value of Bitcoin was $42,823.30, the virtual currency broke the threshold of US$30,000 for the first time. 

The latest Bitcoin news has raised questions about the reasons for the currency's sharp appreciation in the past few days and the future of cryptocurrencies in the future.

The secret of Bitcoin rise and its bitcoin prediction 2021

An analyst said that the reason for the recent rise in bitcoin currency is mainly due to the economic crisis caused by the corona pandemic, which has led to fluctuations in global currencies.

"The second thing is a significant increase in the number of digital wallets, which increases the proportion of digital currencies in circulation, not just Bitcoin. The third thing that Bitcoin has risen is scarcity.

Due to Bitcoin so far The quantity, only 21 million sets have been issued, and the circulation has reached 18 million sets. A group of people, this means that the increase in demand has been replaced and turned to scarcity, which has led to price increases.

Digital wallets are wallets dedicated to encrypting digital currencies. They can take the form of electronic devices, software or services, in which you can store encrypted currencies and conduct transactions.

He pointed out that for those countries suffering from economic crises, Bitcoin is the best solution for countries suffering from recent economic crises. The Turks who became the pioneers of Bitcoin currency also adopted Bitcoin sanctions, such as Venezuela, Brazil, and even usa and saudi arabia.

Bitcoin prediction 2021 future of Bitcoin

bitcoin prediction 2021

bitcoin expectation The fourth thing that caused the price of Bitcoin to rise is that several companies, including Square, have begun to transfer part of their budgets to Bitcoin. Square Financial Services has purchased approximately 4,900 bitcoins.

When the coin is worth $18,000. The cryptocurrency programmer also stated that the German Bundesbank has signed a smart contract agreement with Ocean Token.

Adding that by the year 2020, we have witnessed "the collapse of the central and decentralized economy." We are witnessing the transformation of large companies to digital currencies.