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YouTube launches a new $100 million fund for shorts creators 2021, New Creative Tools for shorts editing


YouTube launches a new $100 million fund for shorts creators 2021

After announcing the expansion of its TikTok-like "short film" option to all American users last week, YouTube today announced the next phase of expanding its focus on short film content. The new "short film fund" will allow YouTube to pay for top short film creators1 Billion US dollars to provide additional support and motivation for their efforts.

YouTube launches a new $100 million fund for shorts creators 2021, New Creative Tools for  shorts editing

Shorts is a new way to watch and create on YouTube 2021, we have been re-examining what it means to monetize and reward creators through content.

We are launching YouTube Shorts Fund, a $100 million fund in 2021 By 2022. Anyone can participate in the fund by creating unique short films that make the YouTube community happy.

This may greatly promote the content of the shorts, and it also provides more motivation for YouTube stars to release shorts instead of testing them on TikTok.

Unlike YouTube’s regular monetization process, YouTube will provide this new Shorts funding through its partner program to the “most engaged and viewed” Shorts clips every month-as long as users “create original content for Shorts and Follow our community guidelines".

New Creative Tools for  shorts editing

This is more similar to Snapchat's "spotlight" funding program, which pays $1 million per day to the best spotlight clips.

In less than 6 months, Snapchat has paid more than 90 million US dollars through the Spotlight program, but now there are more than 125 million Snapchat users using Spotlight, which may be worth the initial expense. In the long run, the reasonableness of these costs may be more difficult to prove, but our idea is that this initial funding will allow Snap to move to the next stage, when it can effectively monetize Spotlight, it can use advertising from Funds to build more sustainable short video ecosystems.

The same goes for the way YouTube is about to become shorts

The shorts fund is our first step in establishing a monetization model for shorts on YouTube. This is our top priority, and we will need some time to get it right. [...] We will expand our YouTube The shorts player can be played on more surfaces to help people find new creators, artists and shorts. We will also begin testing and iterating on ads to better understand their effects.

YouTube launches a new $100 million fund for shorts creators 2021

Therefore, although paying directly for the content of Toutiao shorts is a big initial expenditure, in the end, YouTube will hope to build an advertising infrastructure based on the current model in order to enter this profit stream. Therefore, these initial payments (e.g. Snapchat) are only to arouse people's interest-and may prevent them from migrating to TikTok users, while building a more solid framework around the program.

Mixing has become a key part of the TikTok experience, so YouTube is best to add similar content to maximize the use of shorts. During the upload process or in YouTube Studio, creators will have the option not to use Shorts audio permissions.

In addition, YouTube also added automatic subtitles for shorts, longer shorts clips (up to 60 seconds), the ability to add clips from the camera roll, and the ability to add new basic filters (such as color correction) to the shorts. Functional camera.

So far, it does not seem to be TikTok's main competitor, but YouTube is clearly the leader in online video, with huge audience coverage and more mature monetization tools.

If YouTube can persuade some of the larger TikTok stars and post them exclusively on shorts, then this may quickly reverse the situation-direct payment through this new program can at least encourage more YouTube stars to join staying at home instead of Branch to TikTok.