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watch 5 Things That Make You Look More Trustworthy and Reliable 2022


watch 5 Things That Make You Look More Trustworthy and Reliable 2022 

You can get along with people you have known for a while. But what about those you don't know very well? What do your colleagues and acquaintances say about your personality?

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How would you describe their attitude towards you?


You shouldn't apologize for something you didn't do. Such is the case when the crowded bus you've driven stands next to your acquaintance. 

Or you ran into your coworker on a rainy day and now you need to start a conversation. Show your empathy by apologizing and start a conversation with the person you're dating. 

Make sure you sound natural and sincere. Someone who knows how to show concern when someone else is having a relatively difficult day can easily gain that person's trust. A superfluous apology is a common psychological technique that helps us maintain a conversation and be appreciated.


Did you know that smell can change your mood? Some are exciting, while others are relaxing and calming. A fragrance that smells good to you may be unpleasant to others. 

The truth, however, is that there are some scents that are alluring and pleasant to most people. Lavender is said to have an interesting effect on humans. 

This plant consists of ingredients that relax people's minds. Wash or shower with lavender-scented laundry with a lavender-scented body wash and shampoo. People are likely to react positively to the scent on your body.

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Mimicking the body language of others is also a well-known technique used by those who want to be accepted and trusted. Try to imitate others when talking. 

Doing so will likely earn people's respect and trust. Reflecting body language definitely increases trust. Remember that you should do it in a subtle way, otherwise it will look unnatural and even annoying. 

We recommend that you practice mirroring first when dealing with friends or family. Don't tell them you're experimenting! Just watch their reactions and decide if the mirroring works and if you're good at it.

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First, let us explain a new term to you. There are so-called ternary closures. It's a relationship with someone you don't know but communicate with your friends. So when your friends mention you, they tend to trust you without seeing or hearing you. 

You've probably noticed how easy it is to add friends of friends to your circle of friends, even if you've never communicated with them. You trust them because people you know trust them too.


Embarrassment is something that can happen to any of us. We react to certain things in such strange yet so quintessentially human ways. It's not bad at all and you shouldn't try to hide it. Accept this trait and others will determine your credibility as a person. Extroverts know what situations, events, problems, and people can embarrass them. There is no way to predict, prevent or predict your reactions. 

Let it happen, and don't worry if others notice how you're feeling in an uncomfortable situation. Perfection is not natural compared to being a person with all the qualities a normal person can have. You are one of the people you deal with and once people see it, they will be more receptive and trust you.