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Look 5 Types Of Learners What Kind Of Learner Are You?



Look 5 Types Of Learners What Kind Of Learner Are You?

You may have heard that we all respond best to different learning styles. Numerous studies have shown that different people are often attracted to a certain method when it comes to storing information efficiently. So let's take another look at these 5 types of learners to help you figure out which type of learner you are.

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Auditory (also called auditory or musical) learners prefer to hear information so that they can fully understand concepts. Also, this personal learning works best by listening to instructions and people talking. This means that these learners often prefer listening to lectures or online courses rather than taking notes. You can also read aloud to better understand the material. A good but simple example for auditory learners is when they need to memorize a phone number, auditory learners first say it out loud and (in their brains) write down its sound for memorization live it.


Visual or spatial learners typically retain information best by looking at pictures or images. They also tend to respond well to colors and mind maps. Wondering how this works? By presenting information visually with pictures, students can focus on meaning, easily reorganize and group similar ideas, and use their visual memory to learn. If you find something easier to understand when presented on a diagram or graph, you are probably a visual learner.

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Social learners are all about interaction. These individuals have been shown to perform best when engaged in learning activities with others, such as B. mutual tests or study groups. In addition, other technologies such as conferences, peer review, and workshops have great benefits for social learners. This makes sense because social learners thrive around people. Therefore, their way of learning involves sharing their knowledge with others while also listening to their peers. Does this sound like you?


Logic learners aim to understand the reasons behind things As they study, logical learners aim to use lists and statistics to really grasp concepts. People who like to use their brains for logical and mathematical reasoning are called logical learners. In addition to what we mentioned earlier, you can easily identify patterns and connect seemingly meaningless concepts with ease. Logic learners generally tend to categorize and group information to better understand it. As a logic learner, it makes perfect sense that you can excel at numbers and do complex calculations like basic trigonometry out of your head!

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Physics (kinesthetic)

Physical learning is about touch and movement These people prefer physical techniques to understand how and why things work. Flashcards are a great technique for helping physics learners because while it's technically a visual aid, touching and moving the cards is physical. Those who prefer kinesthetic learning are called "doers," and they prefer hands-on learning. If you're someone who enjoys sports, especially when it comes to studying, then you're probably a physical learner.