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who is on my wifi Get Top 5 Free Tools to know who's connected to wifi 2021



who is on my wifi Get Top 5 Free Tools to know who's connected to wifi 2021

Nowadays, WiFi technology is ubiquitous, and it seems that every electronic device around has some kind of wireless network connection. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, printers, game consoles, smart home devices, and many other things can be connected to each other or to the Internet via WiFi connections. 

When it comes to your own home network and its connected devices, wireless network settings will also have a series of problems of its own.

who is on my wifi Get Top 5 Free Tools to know who's connected to wifi 2021

It is important to set up your own WiFi network with sufficient protection and strong passwords such as WPA2. But this still does not mean that other people will not use your network without your knowledge. A friend, neighbor, or family member may have shared WiFi credentials with other people, and people you don’t know can access your network and share files. 

Although many routers have additional security measures, such as MAC address filtering, these measures may not be configured or someone may bypass them.

who is on my wifi  2021 Many modern routers will provide you with a list of wired and wireless devices connected to the network, but some don't, and some people don't actually know how to find this information. Another easy way is to use the tool to get a list of connected devices, here are 5 for you to try.

who is on my wifi  Wireless Network Watcher

Wireless Network Watcher is another small but useful tool from Nirsoft, which can do what it should do well. The advantage is that it does not need to set the IP address range, and will automatically start scanning your main network adapter to find connected devices. 

If you want to scan for different adapters or customize the IP address range, press F9 to use advanced options.

Scanning the IP range is very fast, just a few seconds, after which you will get information such as IP address, device name, MAC address, adapter manufacturer, detection count, and activity status. The "User Text" column can be used to enter your own custom message or label to aid identification. Double-click the entry to add your own text.

When the wireless network watcher is on, the background scan will continue to look at the IP range to detect new and disconnected devices. When the device is detected or disconnected, you can set tray balloons and audio warnings. Turn on "Put icon on tray" to enable tray notifications. 

The background scan interval can be set from the advanced options window (F9). Provide portable or installer version.

Download Wireless Network Watcher from here

who is on my wifi Get Top 5 Free Tools to know who's connected to wifi 2021

wireless network watcher Fing Desktop

Fing Desktop is the PC and Mac version of the popular Fing mobile application. One disadvantage of Fing is that you have to create a free online account, but the temporary email service does work. The installer is also quite a big 70MB+. After creating a Fing account, installing the software, and connecting the two together, click Scan Device in the "Your Current Network" section of the home window.

Fing has the best device identification system we have seen, and it can try to detect content on the web. The detailed information bar may already display an accurate description, the type and category of the device, and even the operating system of the remote device. If not, click the device in the list. You will get a full page of information about the connected device, the option to manually edit the name, and an identification button.

who is on my wifi Through recognition, you can manually search from the internal database and find the correct name. You can even use QR codes or local URLs to help identify connected devices. Fing is more likely than any other program to help correctly identify difficult or unknown devices. Use the "View Insights" button to display everything in categories such as brand name, product type, operating system used, and smart home.

Download Fing Desktop from here

who is on my wifi 2021 SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

WiFi Guard is like a more basic version of SoftPerfect Network Scanner, more suitable for detecting unknown or unauthorized network connections. It will scan your network to find connected devices and rescan every xx minutes. If a new unknown connection is found, a message will pop up. Softperfect only made many tool sharing software a few years ago. This is the last free version of WiFi Guard.

If you have multiple active network adapters, the program will pop up a setting window at startup to select the adapter you want to scan. Otherwise you will enter the main window and press Scan now to detect all .devices connected to the network who is on my wifi  2021.

For each red-marked connection that you know is authorized, double-click it and check the "I know this computer or device" box. This will tell the program that the device is known and ignore it when scanning. When running or minimized, WiFi Guard will rescan between 0 and 60 minutes (the default is 30 minutes), and a message will pop up on the screen when a new unknown device is detected.

Download SoftPerfect WiFi Guard from here

who is on my wifi Get Top 5 Free Tools to know who's connected to wifi 2021

who's connected to wifi GlassWire

who's connected to wifi 2021 GlassWire is a very well-known software, it is both a firewall, a network activity monitor, and a network usage monitor. It is also a very visually attractive program with a beautiful user interface. Another feature of it is the ability to scan .the network and list connected devices while notifying you of their activities.

Who Is On My WiFi After installing GlassWire, you can view connected WiFi and Ethernet devices without any settings. Just press the thing at the top of the window and the list will be displayed. There is information about the IP address, MAC address, time of first appearance, and network adapter manufacturer. Hover your mouse over the name, and a small box will appear on the right, where you can enter a name or label that is easier to identify.

GlassWire can scan for devices every xx minutes. Enable "Things Scan Interval" and adjust the time in "Settings"> "General". When a device joins or leaves the network, or when a new unknown device connects, you can also choose to display desktop notifications. Go to Settings> Security click the unlock button click "Things Monitor" and set the notification to what you want.

Download GlassWire from here

Who Is On My WiFi

Unfortunately, the last free version of Who Is On My WiFi (4.0.5) was in 2018 because the developers shifted their focus to its paid analytics service. The main task of this tool is to identify your network equipment and warn you when an unknown connection occurs. You can control which connected devices are classified as known or unknown.

On the first launch, cancel the wizard and the program will start scanning (it looks like nothing happened). If you need to set a custom IP range that is different from the. IP range displayed in the interface, go to "Settings"> "Scan Options" .and enter the range you need. If you are not sure, go to the "Diagnostics" tab in "Settings" and click "Detect IP Ranges" to see what your network is currently using.

Select each known connection in the list and set its status to KNOWN from the drop-down list. (Optional) Add a description by double-clicking "TYPE IN NAME". Finally press to save the changes.

 When an unknown network device is detected, Who Is On My WiFi will pop up visual and auditory information. By default, it scans every 5 minutes, but you can change this time from 5 to 30 minutes in the settings.

Who Is On My WiFi requires NET 3.5 to be installed on Windows 10 or 8 or 7. During the test, the tray notification did not pop up on some Windows 10 machines, but it did pop up on other machines.

Download Who Is On My WiFi from here