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How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Ecommerce Business 2021


How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Ecommerce Business 2021

The popularity of e-commerce businesses has greatly increased, especially during the pandemic. Many people have realized that e-commerce business is a great way to make money-you can do it at home. Of course, like any business, you may need to work hard at the beginning, but to be successful, you need to follow many tips and tricks.

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Ecommerce Business 2021

The most important one is to use social media to promote your business. Instagram is particularly important for promoting e-commerce websites. In this article, we have summarized some of the best ways to use Instagram to promote e-commerce sites.

Sell ​​on Instagram

Arguably one of the most frustrating parts of Instagram is that users cannot embed links. However, Instagram does allow stores to sell their products. Instagram Shop is an integrated platform for e-commerce websites. You can share their products on Instagram and let people shop directly on their personal information. You can tag your products in photos in the same way you tag other users. When people click on the image, they see information about the product, such as the name and price. They can also complete the purchase directly from Instagram. You can also do the same thing in Instagram stories. This is an easy way for people to buy the exact product they like.

Use Instagram photos on your website

Many e-commerce stores use convenient plug-ins, and they can share photos of customers wearing (or using them in a certain way) taken from Instagram on their websites. Then, when people click on the photo, they will be able to buy the product in the photo. This is a convenient way for your customers to easily buy the products they like and see that people actually use these products instead of simply stock images.

Make sure you have a business account

If you want to share your business on Instagram, it is always a good idea to switch from a personal account to a professional account. You will be able to do this in your account settings. Remember, you must also have a Facebook page to which you can connect your Instagram, but you should have a Facebook for your business anyway. A business account will enable you to share your contact information on your profile and view insights for each post.

Take high-quality, realistic photos

One of the most important parts of any Instagram page is the visual effects. You want to make sure that you have pleasant photos on your page. They should be high-quality, and you also want to make them realistic-which means that if you have a store, it's best to showcase your products. For example, if you sell jewelry, you can share photos of you wearing jewelry. You don't need to invest a lot of money for this; the right lighting and a good camera (even a mobile phone) can solve the problem!

Research hashtags to get more views

Thanks to Instagram, the concept of hashtags has become popular. To be sure, using hashtags will allow more and more people to see your Instagram posts. However, you should be careful when using them; although Instagram allows 30 per post, you probably shouldn’t use that many, and they should be relevant and not spam. You can conduct hashtag research to find some of the tags that best suit your specific niche.

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Ecommerce Business 2021

Celebrate the seasons and holidays

People enjoy seasonal and holiday sales. Most likely, so are you! Celebrating on Instagram is always a good idea. Here, you can offer promotions based on holidays, or just set a special theme for your Instagram and website. The different holidays you celebrate will depend on where you live, but they are a great way to bring a special touch to your e-commerce website.

Participate in the competition

Contests and giveaways are a better way to increase conversion rates and get more people to visit your e-commerce website. For example, you can offer a small sale with a promotional code when you reach a milestone (e.g., 500,000 followers), and give gifts when you reach a larger milestone (e.g., 1 million followers). You can also host product giveaway events, where people must tag their friends or follow your page to enter. This will definitely let more people know about your website.

Use Instagram's advertising features

Instagram has an advertising feature similar to Facebook, which also allows you to quickly reach a specific audience. In fact, it turns out that people who use Instagram ads will see your page more than just Facebook ads. Like Facebook, Instagram allows you to choose your target audience and the length of time for advertising. You can also choose to display ads on people’s feeds as stories or posts.